Meals of the Week: Fig, Goat Cheese, Arugula "Pizza"

When figs are in season and available - I buy them and find as many uses as possible to eat them. One of my favorite pizzas in the world is anything fig/goat cheese, fig/gorgonzola. I would say my #1 pick is the mushrooms & figs flatbread from Trade. So, so good. So... clearly, this week's 'staple' is FIGS, in addition to baby bella mushrooms & arugula.


I included figs and arugula in my lunch salad twice this week. Perfect combo: Figs, arugula, parmesan, pecan halves, grilled chicken or tuna, lemon juice. 

Tonight, I made my rendition of the Trade flat bread with a healthy twist.



- Whole wheat pita - halved

- Goat Cheese (can use gorgonzola or feta) Feta & goat cheese are a litttle bit 'healthier' than gorgonzola 

- Black Figs

- Grilled Chicken

- Arugula

- Slivered almonds

- Fig jam (not necessary, but, I had some in my fridge) 

- Extra virgin olive oil

- Salt

- Baby portabella mushrooms (sliced and sauteed) 


photo (35).JPG
image 100.jpeg

This meal takes about 15 minutes to make. 10 minutes prep and 5 in the oven. Just pile everything on top. Last night, I grilled up some chicken so that I'd have it for the week and cut it up to put on top. Only thing to be mindful of is to save most of the arugula for the last minute in the oven. You don't want it to get... limp. Nobody likes limp arugula.


Here's the lowdown on the nutrition: Protein from the chicken, complex carbs & fiber from the pita, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins a, c, & potassium from the arugula, vitamin e from the almonds, and fiber, potassium & vitamin B6 from the FIGS!

What's your favorite fig meal/appetizer/dessert?

Have a happy hump day. xo