Challenge Tuesday

I took a bit of inspiration from my friend, Tee Major, for today's workout.   The other day he posted about improving speed by adding in stair or bleacher workouts.  I used to hit these stairs/bleachers in Southie at least once a week a few years ago when I lived in my former apartment. It is such a great workout and by the time it's over, you're covered in sweat. I'm so grateful for the reminder as I haven't done this workout since I moved into my new place. Plus, it's fun (channel inner Rocky). 

image (10).jpeg

I kicked off my workout with a two mile run around Castle Island. One of the beauties of working out in the morning is seeing the sunrise and capturing the calm before the world wakes up around you.

photo (8).JPG

This Father's Day bouquet left on a memorial bench stopped me in my tracks this morning. Beautiful.

image (6).jpeg

And here's where the bleacher workout began. I went up and down then sprinted across to the other set about 10 times.

image (7).jpeg

Then, I hit these stairs for another 6 or 7 and ran home.

image (11).jpeg

So, here's my challenge for you today. Find a local track, set of stairs, hill, bleachers, anything with an incline and run up 10 or more times. You don't need a gym to get in a GREAT workout. Have an awesome day. xo