Coconut Quinoa & Chicken

All I hear about and read about in health blogs (you paleo crossfitters) is coconut, coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut flavored everything. I lovveee coconut, but, when it comes to savory, I'm a Mediterranean-diet/"from the earth" kind of girl. I stick to my Italian roots and create most meals with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon, garden veggies, herbs, etc... you know the drill.  

Tonight as I was driving home, I wanted to switch it up (mainly because I'm on my summer kick of avocado/tomato/basil and probably boring the bageezus out of you). Plus, I wanted to make quinoa, which I always see as a fun little challenge to make it taste like something other than sand.

image (85).jpeg

Now, go ahead and google health benefits for coconut oil/milk/etc. I'm on the fence with promoting it because although the research is rather interesting (good for digestive track, anti-inflammatory, etc), it is still a saturated fat and I can't get behind it like my #1, extra virgin o/o. (rule of thumb: fats in liquid form at room temperature are better for you (unsaturated - olive oil, veg oil) than fats that harden at room temp (saturated - butter/coconut oil) .

All things in moderation though, right!? Biggest benefit of this meal? It made my condo smell like a coconut factory. You crossfitters must wreak of coconut. Not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all. 

Oh, and it's LOADED with protein from both the Chicken and the Quinoa. And, it is simple to make.

image (82).jpeg
image (79).jpeg

1. Cook your quinoa. 1 part quinoa, two parts coconut milk (I used coconut almond milk). I also put in a tsp of coconut oil on the bottom of the pan in fear that it might stick.

2. Add a small handful of raisins, coconut chips (or flakes), and pecans or slivered almonds. 

image (83).jpeg

Cook chicken in a saute pan over medium heat in, yep, coconut oil.

image (84).jpeg

Once the quinoa is fully cooked, add the chicken and top with more coconut chips (or coconut flakes - doesn't really matter). This meal is fast, easy, and pretty dang tasty. The flavor of the coconut really came out (of course) and I really enjoyed it. This is a GREAT recovery meal. Quinoa isn't just a protein superstar, it also has twice the fiber as most grains, and tons of iron (important for us ladies). I always feel like I've won when I make quinoa taste good! 

Have a great THURSDAY! xo