Weekend reWind_9.22.13

I came down with a really bad cold on Friday afternoon. Typically, I completely ignore a cold and go on with my day with the mantra "I don't do sick". Well, once I started having trouble breathing and then ending words that typically end in vowels, with "B" and "D" instead (ex: I'm finnee'd) - I gave in. Relaxation was the only option. So, I pulled together a simple, healthy, & comforting meal of broiled salmon with homemade fettuccine  and put on the Sox game. They clinched first place so it provided for a nice little Friday! 

 Saturday, a bunch of us met up for a little Blue Hills hike (really, just an excuse for another Amber Road brunch). Unfortunately, I scoffed down my cinnamon raisin french toast with pumpkin custard and maple butter so quickly that I forgot to take a picture. Whoops!

 This morning, I ran that Brian Honan 5K I was telling you about earlier in the week. It was a sweet little race, lots of college kids and families that were clearly coming together for the cause - I really enjoyed it. The only problem that I ran into was trying to pick up my number. I walk over to the (unmarked) tent with a long line in front of it and finally get up to the front of the line and say "D'Alessandro... D-A-L" per usual. Mr. Harvard couldn't find my name and says "Do you go to Harvard Business School?" Me: Um, no. Mr. Harvard "Oh, then you are on the other list (points) over there". Oh, sorry, buddy. (maybe you should mark your tent with "Harvard ONLY"). Just sayin'. (he was actually perfectly nice, but whatever)

Then, it was time for the Pats & a little dinner on the beach with the fam. How stinking cute are my nieces and nephew? Kite flying pros right there. (click through to see entire image)

Chrome has now crashed on me twice now so I'm going to wrap it up and leave you with the motivation for the week. It's one of my favorites and doesn't need much explanation. I hope you all make it a great one!  xo