Balsamic Chicken & Quinoa

I have a confession to make: Quinoa boressss the life out of me. It is so boring. Why eat quinoa when you can eat whole wheat pasta or rice? Oh, because it is one of the most protein-rich foods on the planet, has twice the fiber as most grains, tons of iron, and ya know lysine, magnesium, riboflavin... sigh, it is so freaking healthy. It is fuel. It would be wrong for me to ignore its benefits and not make it.

Tonight, I succeeded in giving it a little kick! (goat cheese cures all!)

image (22).jpeg

Marinate organic chicken tenderloins or breasts in balsamic vinegar, salt, extra virgin o/o, thyme, & crushed red pepper.

photo (12).JPG

Toss chicken on grill or grill pan along with asparagus that has been seasoned with extra virgin & salt.

image (18).jpeg

Grill up some shallots (red onion is fine). In a separate bowl, mix together quinoa, chopped asparagus, tbs of crumbled goat cheese, grilled shallots, & salt.

image (20).jpeg
image (19).jpeg

Prepare on plate and enjoy that protein!  The goat cheese and grilled shallots really give the quinoa an abundance of flavor. Mixing in the asparagus gave it a nice crunch. Balsamic chicken is so easy and delish.

image (21).jpeg

Happy Hump Day! xo