Weekend Sunshine_8.26.13

This weekend was all about tailgating at a Polo Match in Newport.  Sounds so fancy, doesn't it? Really it's just an amazing excuse to make good food, fun drinks, wear floppy hats, preppy clothes, and yell things in British accents. It is one of my favorite days of the year. About 12 of us get together every year and everyone in is charge of something... food, fun cocktails, games, etc. It is an absolute blast.

image (24).jpeg
image (19).jpeg
image (25).jpeg

We all crash at a local hotel and play drinking games until we pass out. About an hour after this:

photo (15).JPG

Side note... The weather has been so beautiful lately. Sunny and beautiful - perfect beach days. So, if I hear one more person say the F-word (fall)... I'm going to yell!  Summer isn't over til it's over.

salt in air.jpg

Whew... just had to get that out. Ok, time for this week's motivation...  Remember, anything can happen in an instant. Often times, this phrase is said when referring to something bad, but, really awesome things happen in a flash. Think about some of the incredible moments you've had in your life - did you see them coming? Probably not... and that is so cool. 

one moment.jpg

Have an awesome week! xo