Grocery Staples

I haven't done a grocery list post in a while. As I've been mentioning more recently, there are certain staples that I buy each week and then "build" meals with them every day.  The goal being to make each meal different and not bore my taste buds.   Yesterday, I picked up a lot of my healthy staples that I never go without so I thought it would be the perfect time to write post on it!

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Can't live without:

1. Organic chicken tenderloins 

- Non-organic chicken eat corn, GENETICALLY MODIFIED (GMO) CORN, chickens cannot process corn properly... so what are you stuck with? A fatty chicken loaded with fake chemicals. Go organic as often as possible. It's worth the extra $$. 

2. Organic Sabra hummus

I love this hummus. Most hummus that you'll find at the store has some preservatives in it - this one does not so it's second best from making the real thing. 

3. Teddy's All Natural PB 

A local favorite (Everett, MA). The only ingredients you need in PB is peanuts and salt. None of that high fructose corn syrup bull-ish. 

4. Garlic 

I mean, I'm Italian.  It'd be a sin to not have garlic in my kitchen. On top of that, it's anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, high in c, b6, and selenium. Oh, and it makes everything taste WAY BETTER. 

5. Avocados 

I eat avocados daily. I mean, fiber, potassium, vitamin c, and all of the b's, plus mono-unsaturated fat. Avocados rock and they taste amazingggg. 

6. Blueberries 

You already know they are an antioxidant powerhouse and loaded with vitamins. I like to eat them first thing in the morning with a glass of lemon water. Bfast later. 

7. Arugula 

I love arugula. I prefer it to most lettuce and it lasts way longer in the fridge. I usually bring an arugula salad to work a couple times a week. It's high in antioxidants, and vitamins c, a & potassium.  

8. Frozen yogurt 

I usually have a little fro yo after dinner every night - I have been doing that for years. Look for minimal ingredients, live cultures, no fructose, no fake sugars, etc. I really dig this local brand from Vermont, Sweet Scoops, I pick it up at Foodies in Southie  on a weekly basis. 

9. Chickpeas 

Chickpeas are a good source of protein fiber and a quick and easy topping to salad and the key ingredient in hummus (great to make on a whim when friends come over). 

10. Fage Greek Yogurt

I blogged about greek yogurt so much last year you probably got sick of it. It's just so versatile and full of protein, great for lunch, bfast, dressings, sauces, etc. Remember this? 

11. Fruits & Veggies

I usually pick up whatever is in season and priced right.  


What foods can you not live without?!  

Have a happy hump day! xo