Quick, Creamy Protein Pasta

I don't know about you guys, but, dinners need to be made in a flash these days. Sox in the ALCS and now the World Series (Whoo!) at 7:30pm every night calls for some quick dinners or take-out. The meal I made tonight takes basically no prep time and can be made in between commercials breaks! Oh, and it's pasta (so it's comforting for all this stress) AND it's JAM PACKED with PROTEIN and other health benefits.

I needed some serious recovery fuel after boxing tonight and this meal has got it all. 

It took all of 23 minutes and that includes the time it took to wait for the water to start to boil.

Yup, it's late. The game's already on and I'm  s t a r v i n g g g.

Need: Barilla Protein Plus Pasta, Organic Cottage Cheese, Garlic, Lemon Rind/Juice, Arugula, Crushed Red Pepper, Extra Virgin o/o, Salt, & Parmesan. Cottage Cheese has 15g of Protein in every half cup! Barilla Protein Plus has 10g of Protein for every 2 oz. Arugula is high in vitamins C, A, & K and also minerals iron, calcium, and potassium. Garlic is a superfood... mega antioxidant, high in selenium, manganese, B6, C, and calcium.

Get your ingredients ready in a saute pan: garlic, extra virgin, crushed red, lemon juice, salt, and crushed red pepper.

While the pasta is boiling. Turn on that saute pan and get the sauce heated up. Once the pasta is fully cooked, add it to the pan and toss on some cottage cheese. I know it seems weird, but, the cottage cheese melts down and it creates a really creamy protein-rich sauce.

Mix it up and then add in the arugula. Be generous, it softens down to tiny pieces (you could also use baby spinach). 

Toss on some Parmesan and mix it up. 

23 minute later and you're done! Easy easy.

Top it with a little more Parmesan and Lemon Rind and enjoy!


Have an awesome week! xo