Quickie Weekend Appetizer

I'm so excited for the hot weather this weekend! I often get asked what to bring to a last minute gathering or BBQ. My favorite appetizer to put together is my famous antipasto. But, that can be time consuming.  This quick spread has a little something for everyone; salt, sweet, and savory. 


- Loaf of French Bread

- Assorted Olives (from the deli, not a jar)

- Buffalo Mozzarella balls

- Grape or Cherry Tomatoes

- Thinly Sliced Prosciutto

- Basil

- Red Seedless Grapes

- Manchego Cheese

- Port Salut Cheese

- Extra Virgin O/O/, Salt, Pepper

Simply pinch together the basil/prosciutto/mozz/tomatoes on toothpicks. Generously drizzle with extra virgin o/o. They are bite size and everyone loves a caprese! Put the olives in a bowl and drizzle with extra virgin o/o, salt, and black or crushed red pepper. Add the cheese and you're ready to go!  Manchego and Port Wine Cheese are fan favorites - you cannot go wrong.  The Manchego is salty and has a nice bite. The Port Wine cheese is creamy and delicious... goes great with bread and grapes!  Have an awesome weekend - what are you all up to?! xo