Peter Welch's Gym

I talk a lot about Peter Welch's Gym on here, but, I haven't given you all an update on these workouts in over a year. Shame on me. Where do I begin? 

Almost two years ago, I tore my hamstring. At that point in my life, I considered myself a 'runner'.  I had run two half marathons and a number of shorter races. I ran 4-5 days a week and alternated in regular gym workouts and weights. On my 28th birthday in November, I tore my hamstring. Surprise! (caution: don't get in a split contest with your friends at 1am.................)

Earlier that day, I had ran 9 miles and was considering my next race, maybe even a marathon. Well, if you've never torn a hamstring, let me just tell you... the healing process is not pretty. For the next 4-5 months, I iced, stretched a lot and had to deal with the elliptical (god I hate the elliptical), weights, and core work for my workouts. BO-RING.

As the Spring rolled around, I tried running but could honestly only get up to about 3 miles until the striking pain would set in. I was so frustrated and knew I needed to start doing something new. My current gym didn't offer any classes and I hadn't taught in years due to a busier work schedule. My hair dresser had been telling me for YEARSSSS to go to Peter Welch's... I always wanted to try it, but, not sure what the hesitation was.

Finally, Kim and I went.  She likes to say that I immediately turned into a super-member.  She's right, I was hooked after the first class. I nursed the hamstring and took it easy on sprints and eventually got stronger and healed completely.

I didn't know this picture was being taken! That's me on the right with the purple pants getting down into a squat.

So how do these classes go? Something like this.... 

Start with 4 minutes of jumping rope. 

Next 4 minutes shadow boxing, calisthenics, plyo jumping, etc.  

Heavy bag work


Heavy bag work

Body weight moves

Heavy bag work

Suicides sprints until you can't breathe

Body weight work

That's Peter!

How has the workout changed me? 

For me, my greatest achievement has been how fast I've become. I was a "sprinter" in high school track. I am so much faster than I was when I was 16, it's not even funny. Not. Even. Funny.

I can eat so much more... and you know I love to eat. 

I rarely ever complain about how I look. This isn't just because I do feel and look better, but, because I work so freaking hard... there's nothing to complain about. I always give 100%.

I've found that my reaction time has become crazy quick. I know that sounds odd, but I kind of move with reckless abandon, especially when I cook,... now I catch things when I go to knock them off my counter. It's kind of funny. 

I ran a half marathon this year and took FOUR MINUTES off my PR. Yeah. Really. 

What you'll see when you first walk in?

  A gym made for kicking ass.  A professional boxing ring smack dab in the middle of the gym, an old-school weight room upstairs, rubber floors, close to 40 heavy bags, free weights, medicine balls, jump ropes & resistance bands. 

Scary? No. You'll also see and meet the most friendly people in Southie. I know a place like this can sound intimidating, but, it really isn't. Everyone is there to work hard and will help someone who is new. Promise. 

What you won't see? 


What you will see? 

Skilled super-athletes


Former college athletes



All shapes and sizes 

So, what is my point with all of this? 

I found a workout that I love. For me, it is fun. My point is that when you find a workout that you love doing, whether it be running, dance, lifting, playing soccer, or taking makes that whole 'working out' thing a whole lot easier. Remember, your body is the only thing in the whole wide world that you have all of the control over. Find what you love and you'll never go back. And if you're in the area - check out Peter Welch's... first class is free! :) 

Have a great week! xo

Janet and I doing mitt work in the bottom right corner (pink shirt/blue shirt) in Chris' class.