Broiled Cod & Roasted Fall Veggies

If you follow my insta, you may have noticed that I made another huge batch of pesto the other day. My basil took off like a weed this year and it's awesome! Anyway, of course pesto is delish on the usual suspects; pizza, pasta, etc. Though tasty, pizza and a big bowl of pesto pasta aren't the two healthiest meals on the planet. So, lately I've been taking my pesto and using it on fish. On Thursday night, I made broiled, wild Cod and roasted veggies. So good.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of roasted potatoes. I make them allll the time in the winter. Lately though, I've been thinly slicing onions to toss into the mixture. In addition to that, I added chopped baby brussel sprouts to this assortment. Toss the veggies in evoo, salt, and rosemary and bake (turning a couple times) on 400 for about 20-25 mins. The onions get really crispy and add the best flavor. It's so delish and so healthy.



Next, arrange the cod on a baking sheet. Pat it down with a paper towel to remove any extra moisture (always do this with fish otherwise it might have a more poached/boiled effect rather than baked/broiled). Drizzle with evoo and salt and broil until it's opaque.

Top the fish with the pesto and serve. Health on a plate!

Enjoy! xo