Weekend reWind_1.13.14

It's been a while since I've done a Weekly reWind post! The series is coming back!

It was SO NICE to get some relief from the cold this weekend.  Polar Vortexes make me want to hibernate in my condo, cover myself in blankets, and eat spaghetti. Not exactly a recipe for healthy living. This weekend felt like Spring. Rob and I went to Back Bay to do some shopping and get lunch... it was exactly what we needed after a few weekends of cold 'stay indoors' weather.

Thursday night kicked off with a healthy and satisfying meal of sole with parsley butter, smashed sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes and broiled asparagus. Yum! (Message me for deets)


Friday night, Rachael and I met up at Post 390 to catch up on some major girl time/bff talk. Martinis and a jar of almond joy cookies served as dessert. Seriously? So good. (Also, realized that I had just missed bumping into my favorite blogger, Grace Atwood... bummer! We basically had the same photo uploaded on instagram... sigh, next time)


On Saturday, time was well spent at Apple. I got my first MacBook, a 30th birthday gift from my family members and me to me. Ta Da! Bring on more posts!


This week's motivation is simply stated and doesn't need much explanation. I find that this advice, is really all that is ever needed. I hope you all have a great week! xo

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