Likable Links III

Dear Mom, 

Stella needs this.



It's Thursday - yay! My mom put up a cute pic of our dog, Stella, on fb yesterday which made me miss her terribly so the above is a dedication to Boston terriers everywhere and the upcoming Halloween holiday. Fitting, right? I try. Anyway, it's time for another addition of likable links! Lots of good stuff today. Hope you enjoy! xo

1. I think I drooled a little when these potatoes came across my bloglovin' feed. Need to make them, STAT. (

2. How did we express emotion via text before emojis?! (

3. How to chop and cook two of the most flavorful, healthy foods EVER. Garlic and Onions! (

4. Really interesting article on how boxing is helping those with Parkinson's disease. The gym is right in Lawrence, MA. (

5. I like these 5 simple steps to a healthy heart. These can drastically reduce your risk for heart attack. (

6. OMG why are elephants so gigantic and so cute all at the same time?! (

7. A great article on whether or not to workout when you're tired. (hint: depends on why you're tired). (