Friday Favs_12.19.14

I had another week off from Friday Favs... want to know why? I actually had about zero new photos in my phone. Last Friday, I looked back at the prior week and there was so much fun that was had, Christmassy activities, parties, delicious food and I documented NONE of it. The thing is though... it actually means that I was having so much fun that I just forgot to take out my phone and 'capture it'. To be honest, this is actually something that I'm proud of... it means that I'm being present in my conversations and enjoying the moment. That being said, as a blogger - it's kind of necessary to take photos - HA! I was little better with capturing some moments this weekend, but, let it be known... I was still very PRESENT.

And so I bring you... my favs of the week! I hope you are all enjoying every moment of this holiday season and are also scheduling in some quiet time. Things can get pretty hectic and it's important to just relax, watch a movie and enjoy the season. This weekend, we have a nice amount of relaxation 'planned', and I'm really looking forward to it. Have a GREAT weekend! xo 

The ONE picture that was taken from my Mistletoe Mingle last Saturday.

The spread.

Our annual "cookie day" was on Sunday morning and of course, I made my annual batch of pizzelles.

Amongst others...

And, espresso martinis in the North End with my besties lat night. Perfection.

Ok? Ok!