Weekly Workouts IV

Last week, I didn't mix it up too much, I thought I'd really be able to get after it but, my neck started hurting again so I had to tone it down towards the end of the week. Ugh, my neck! It's so annoying. I'm on vacation this week so I'm thinking I'll make an appointment with my acupuncturist who I haven't gone to in 2 years. In my experience, I ALWAYS feel better after getting acupuncture. I've had some upper back/neck issues throughout the years that it really helps relieve. Anyone know an acupuncturist in the Boston area or south shore? Mine is amazing, but, she's in Middleton and I'm NEVER up there anymore. Would love any recommendations!

Anyway - here's how it went:

Monday: Fighter Conditioning at PWG (Brian's Class)

Tuesday: Fighter Conditioning at PWG (Chris' Class)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Fighter Conditioning at PWG (Tom's Class)
So, we started class with a ton of jump roping. Most classes start with 3-4 mins of jump roping, but, Tom has us complete a round of jump roping and adds in sprints and double-unders. So I'm pretty pumped that I can DO a nice consistent amount of double unders now but, MAN they tire me out so much for the rest of class. I think I need to focus on not jumping so HARD when I do them. Any advice?? Just lighten up a bit? My arms were lead for the rest of class.

Friday: 3 mi run and cleaned for 5 hours - does that count? haha

Saturday: Hmmm I did 60 squats and about 40 mountain climbers. That's it.

Sunday: Rest

Interested to hear what you guys have to say about acupuncturists in the Boston area and perfecting my double-unders. Have a great week! xo