Insta-spiration II

Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing today? I had one of those days where I was glad to be back at work and in my "routine". My schedule has been super-wacky lately and even though I love that my work schedule isn't always M-F... today it was welcomed. There's something to be said for having a routine... especially for someone like me. I was thinking about it and there are definitely certain things I do every week that I like to stay exactly the same if I can help it. 1) I always go to the night boxing class at PWG on Monday. I DO NOT like missing my Monday night boxing class. Other days, I'm ok with mixing it up if I need to. 2) I need to make AT LEAST 3 PWG classes per week. Doesn't matter which days outside of Monday. 3) On Thursday nights, I like to cook while drinking a glass of wine to create something a little special. I like to finish it off with a little gelato. (My, how Thursday nights have changed!) 4) On Fridays, I like to have a "rest" day unless I am off from work. 5) On Saturday morning, I like cleaning, going to PWG, and doing laundry. I know, so weird. 

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are your most essential routines every week?! I'd LOVE to know. Let me know in the comments below.

Moving on, it's time for another edition of INSTA-SPIRATION! 


Quit complainin'. Be thankful for what is in front of you.



Soooo simple and easy. Great to make during this busy time of year.



These kicks are DOPPPPPE.



Watch and listen.



Apparently I'm craving avocado toast...


A great stretch for those of us who sit at computers most of the day.



Butternut & sage are friends forever. Just gimme this. Gimme it right now!

Have a great week! xo