I think I've mentioned before that there are a handful of Australian vegan bloggers I follow on Instagram who post the most beautiful smoothie bowls, salads, fruit mash-ups that I have EVER, EVER seen. It's like they're all professional food stylists. Here's a few if you're interested --> lonijane and onehungrymami and thefitfoodieblog

So, I've totally tried to replicate some of their smoothie bowls, but, lately I've been super jealous of the ZOODLES they've all been making! Zoodles are basically noodles made from zucchini or other types of squash or eggplant. I've never used any other blade on my cuisinart food processor besides the standard one, but, I asked my mom if there was another blade that might make something that at least shreds these vegetables into something like a zoodle. Alas, there is! Hooray!

So it definitely shreds the zucchini more than noodles it, but, whatever. It's still cool.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what to do with them so I figured pesto might be good. I defrosted one that I made a few weeks ago and mixed around the zoodle shreds in it with some fresh organic tomatoes, diced basil from my garden, parmesan and....

Oh... some pea and prosciutto raviolis. You know, I wasn't sure if it would be good on it's own....

Love raviolis.


And, yes, this was SO GOOD! So pesto-y and flavorful! A nice, light, healthy Italian dish! 

So tell me.... ever made zoodles? Do you have a zoodle-maker? What's the consistency? I'm so intrigued!

Have an awesome week! xo