Friday Favs 11.21.14

First and foremost, I want to send a BIG THANK YOU for all of the facebook birthday wishes, texts, and phone calls. Each one made my day extra special!

Also, I want to send a very heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my two BFFs, Rachael & Kim. So lucky to have you both in my life for all of these years! xo

Moving on, there have obviously been a lot of birthday celebrations lately (and there are more to come), plus Thanksgiving, and then the Christmas season. Many of my "friday favs" this week revolve around food (and flowers). Keep in mind, I don't toss healthy eating out the window; all things in moderation. Donuts, french toast, and spaghetti can all be enjoyed without guilt. I always say this but I want to re-iterate it... Make smart choices the other 80% of the time and you can enjoy whatever you love. Be mindful.

Now, here are my favs.

A sunny sky on a cold day during a run last week.

Espresso martinis that I made for my mom's bday (and some pretty flowers).

I finally had my cronut... and it was all I ever hoped for.

These Christmas-themed dark chocolate bars are pure perfection.

The most sun-shiney flowers I ever did see!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend! I have a lot of bday celebrations to attend and enjoy. What do you have going on? xo

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