Sunday Food Prep Results - 5 Ways

Happy Sunday, everyone! This weekend was reallllly great. Not a lot of down time per se, but, extremely relaxing. I need more weekends like this in my life. It feels good to 'feel good' (instead of tired), tonight! Anyway, last week when I wrote about my "Sunday Food Prep", I promised I would share how I put together different meals. Here's what came together from the eggs, chicken salad, buffalo chicken, and green beans. I must say that I REALLY liked doing the "Sunday Food Prep" for lunches, but, not as much for dinners. I found myself getting sick of chicken. So maybe in the future, I'll stick to one pre-cooked chicken staple and maybe prepare some more veggies. Hope it provides some nice ideas for you all!

Tasty little lunch. Two hard-boiled eggs, green beans, and gmo-free pumpkin chips. Mmmmm. (This one was repeated twice)

Another lunch. Just the chicken salad and green beans - simple.

Dinner. Buffalo chicken tacos with avo and a little bit of blue cheese dressing with roasted asparagus w/ feta.

Dinner: Chicken salad tacos with tomato/avo/feta/basil salad.

Buffalo chicken over cucumber, tomato, avo feta salad.

I'd really love to know what your "go-to" lunches are for work. My favorite thing to bring is hard boiled eggs, a veg, and some healthier chips, but, that gets old fast. How do you mix it up? 

Make it a productive week! xo