Likable Links II

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you are all taking this rainy day and making the most of it with some r&r! While you relax, here's some links worth reading! Have a great weekend! xo


1. 10 Places to Hike this Fall. No excuses! (

2. And 6 really good reasons why you should go for that hike or give an outdoor workout a shot! (

3. Once you're done with your hike. How about some homemade chocolate chip cookies? (

4. Registration is closed for next week's NBGNO, but, if you DID sign up... Here's what you have to look forward to! (

5. Some facts. Mom knows best. (

6. What to do with all those apples you aggressively picked! (

7. Lifting helps your brain, too.  LIFT LIFT LIFT (