Bits and Bites_6.23.14

Monday already, huh? Yikes. I swear I blink and another month is almost over. I wish I could press pause. But alas! Summer is here and the weather has been perrrrfect. I'm trying to soak up every moment! This past weekend, I worked both days, but, was able to squeeze is some fun out in Seaport on Friday night. On Saturday after work, Rob and I walked down to Castle Island to dive into the best it has to offer... ie) the best comfort/fried food in Southie. Gotta indulge, my friends. (I quickly passed out on the couch less than 3 hours later)

Anyway, as promised here's a few more articles that I thought you might enjoy for this week's "BITS":

This article does a nice job of explaining what "cage free" "natural" "gmo free" and other labels mean.

This is one of the best articles I've found on eating healthy/organic/gmo free on a tight budget. Great tips!

This article provides you the 8 foods that the experts will NOT eat. I agree.

And here are my weekly "BITES":

Breakfast with a buckwheat berry waffle from whole foods, smoothie (frozen organic berries, ground flax, chia seeds, 1.5 tbs raw almond butter, cinnamon, and water to blend), and strawberries.

Another typical lunch: organic hard boiled eggs, these snap pea crisps I found at whole foods (gmo free!), real sugar snap peas, organic raspberries, organic cheese stick.

Easy, delish salad I made last week for dinner: local lettuce, grilled chicken that I tossed in my fav buffalo sauce, organic tomatoes, feta, castelvetrano olives (legit best olives ever - I've made non-olive-lovers starting liking olives after feeding them these), and yogurt blue cheese dressing.

I've been making this little guy to satisfy my sweet cravings: two little pieces of 80% cocoa dark chocolate with raw pb in the middle.

Just one look at the ingredient list on Ezekiel raisin English muffins and you'll know why I've been eating them for years. First of all they are so healthy, secondly - so filling, third - so tasty! Here I put almond butter on one half and organic grass-fed butter on the other.

Another self-explanatory lunch. Organic eggs, kiwi, cheese, snap pea crisps.

A Whole Foods salad bar lunch: curry chicken salad, spinach and a few wheat noodles.

My delish Saturday evening dinner with Rob. (like I said, gotta indulge). I had the lobster roll and some of the fried clams. Rob had the double cheeseburger (I had a bite -OMG) and the hot dog.

Anddd, this morning's strawberry-mango smoothie: Almost two cups of frozen mangos and strawberries, 1.5 tbs almond butter, tsp ground flax, tsp coconut flake, water, and cinnamon.

Hope you are all enjoying this weather as much as I am - have a great week! xo