Weekly Workouts II

I had a solid "workout week" last week. No interruptions to the schedule, tried a new class, and got to PWG 3 times. (I like to go to PWG 3-4x/week). It is, as I'm sure most of you know by now, my very favorite workout. Calisthenics, body weight work, hitting the bag, and sprints makes for the best ass-kicking possible. I've been taking the classes there for almost 2.5 years. I used to go upwards of 5, sometimes 6 days a week until I started realizing that my performance and strength was much better if I mixed it up or took a couple of rest days in between. It has made the biggest difference and is the reason I go 3-4x/week now. I'd love to know... what is your favorite workout? Let me know in the comments below. Maybe it's something I've never tried before?

Here's what the week looked like:

Monday: Fighter Conditioning at Peter Welch's Gym (Brian's Class)

Tuesday: New Balance Girl's Night Out Event workout: Equinox METCON3 Class (lots of legs - squats, lunges, deeper squats, deeper lounges, jumps, side shuffles etc. also did a lot of push ups and variations of push ups) I thought my legs would be a little sore but, they weren't. We do a ton of legs at PWG.

Wednesday: Fighter Conditioning at Peter Welch's Gym (James' Class)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Once again, I opened up Tee Major's new app... click here to access it. I did the following workout:

- 2 mile run
- 2 chin ups (in a row!) haha
- 10 spiderman pushups
- 12 pike roll outs
- 40 mountain climbers
- 25 squats
{repeat second set once more}
- 20 squat thrusts
- 20 leg raises
- 20 butt bridges
- 25 crunches
- 20 supermans
{repeat third set once more}

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Fighter Conditioning at Peter Welch's Gym (Tom's Class)

That's a wrap, friends! What did your week look like?
Enjoy the rest of the week! xo