Friday Favs_1.24.14

It's Friday, It's Friday!!! Whooo hoooo! Today is already off to a great start after a 5:30 boxing class at Peter Welch's Gym! Did any of you catch The Fighters last night? The show follows the lives of Peter Welch and local fighters trying to bring boxing back to Boston. It's on the Discovery Channel on Thursdays at 9pm.

Anyway, this week was ultra busy and I'm heading into a jam packed weekend. Just need to get through a full day of meetings... ooof. Can't wait! Hope you all have a great weekend - stay warm if you're in the polar vortex. Brrrrr.

Here are some of my favs of the week:

This article on FAT is what's up. 

The Premiere Party for The Fighters last night was a lot of fun. Peter Welch opened up a new facility next door to his current place. The party was held in this new spot and it's so cool! There is a full wall-to-wall mural of fighters, a couple boxing rings, and a personal training studio. So cool.

 New Studio.

New Studio.

 Main (current) studio - this was the viewing of the show.

Main (current) studio - this was the viewing of the show.

Keri Glassman is a health and fitness expert and one of my fav contributors to Women's Health Mag. She's also an expert in antioxidants. Here's the 5 things she always has in her fridge... I was pumped to see this list because these are five things I always have in MY fridge. Whoo.

I am pretty honored to be named an IDEA Fit Blogger... find other cool, fit, & healthy bloggers here.

And finally... I try to do this every day....

Have an awesome weekend! xo