Scenes from the Holiday Season 2014

Well hello, my friends! I know... it's been a full 10 days since my last blog post. I have noticed that many of my blogger friends fell into the same hiatus as I did over the season which makes me feel a little better, but still, apologies for the silent treatment, ok? Moving on, today I'll bring you a complete photo dump from the Holiday season. Parties, dinners, etc. You know what I realized when I put this together? 1) I have recently become the WORST at remembering to take photos of and with humans. 2) I'm even worse at remembering to take photos with Rob. I have zero.  I remember the days when I used to shove a canon camera next to my flip phone into a tiny clutch to ensure that I took as many pics as possible (about 2-3% were flattering) from nights out in the city. Now, I completely forget (and sometimes sigh) when it comes to taking photos. Oye. I need to find a happy medium. Anyway, here's what I have for you! I hope you all had a great holiday and are looking forward to a happy and healthy new year! Cheers!

First Christmas movie of the season? Christmas Vacation, of course!

The only picture I took from Mark & Kristen's party. And no, I have no idea why they were embracing so emphatically. 

What my kitchen looked like before my Mistletoe Mingle. Cheese. Prosciutto. Dough.

The one table setting pic I remembered to take. The snacks? Stuffed jalapeno poppers courtesy of Andres, my deviled eggs, calzones, homemade hummus, cecchi, brie, castelvetrano olives, prosciutto, salami, gouda, chips, cheese, french bread, guacameyer (billy & kim's guac), and m&ms of course.

The one human pic.

And, the one Rachael sent me. That's my Sherri-Cutout from my 30th, not me. he he

So many pizzelles.

White Russians and Christmas Trees.

Just laying on the floor of the hall at the D'Alessandro Family Christmas Party with my cousin's youngest babe, Kellan. 

Told you I'm an elf.

Give me all the cheese.

Cheers from the tiniest Waterford champagne flute. (so cute)

"Sherri lets take a seffie"

Light savers.

And finally, capping off the season with my favorite guy. 

Happy New Year! xo