Friday Favs_1.30.14

The best day of the week is finally upon us! I'm looking forward to a much needed, extremely relaxing weekend. I thought things were supposed to slow down after Christmas? They did not. Friday night, we will be getting takeout and watching movies. Saturday, Mandy is coming to visit for a full-on girls night (wooot). Then, it's Superbowl time. Bummed the Pats aren't in it, but, it's still a good excuse to cook and eat comfort food and park my bootie on the couch. Can you tell I need some r&r? 

How are you all spending the weekend?

Time for the favs:

1. Thursday night, we went to Gather for Janet's birthday. Oh em gee. I was so impressed. We started out with the most perfect little deviled eggs, delicious oysters, and homemade chips with french onion dip (yummm). For dinner, broiled salmon with whole grain mustard sauce, brussel sprouts, and peruvian potatoes (I remade the meal last night). Dessert... bread pudding. One of the best meals I've had at a while. 100% satisfied with everything. And, it's located right across from the ICA... I didn't even know it was there... it's in a building IN the parking lot. The building offers up office space and meeting rooms for entrepreneurs, consultants, small biz owners, etc to have meetings and such. Cool place fo sheezy.

2. This article that my friend Jim posted on my fb wall... is EXACTLY what I'm preachin' about people! Eat real food. Fat is good for you. Stop eating processed shit.

3. I am loving the Anti-Diet project series. Kelsey is learning how to be healthy in all the right ways. Eating what she craves, making time for exercise, and knowing it's OK to have a bagel every once in a while. Guys, she's got it all right.

4. I FREAKED OUT yesterday when I realized it was 5:15 and still light out. My mood instantly lifted... like physically felt myself get excited as if I was going downtown to meet my girlfriends for margaritas on the Met patio. Fleeting thought, but, the days are getting longer and we are a few steps closer to summer! The sunrises and sunsets have also been pretty cool. 


5. This image of the lovelock bridge in Paris (just in time for Valentine's Day) makes me want to drop everything and drive to Logan... immediately. 

Have an awesome weekend... enjoy every minute. xo