Friday Favs_10.31.14

Another Fall Friday has arrived. Fast this week, yes? This week completely flew by... I can't believe it's Friday already. Every part of my life is moving at the speed of lightning right now, but, I must say that I'm completely and totally happy. It's funny how that works out sometimes, right? Just the right amount of stress and pressure to feel fulfilled and satisfied yet not completely burnt out. It's a fine line, hopefully it all stays balanced. Speaking of balance, the weekend is upon us and I'm really looking forward to this one... I have just the right amount of relaxation and fun planned to (hopefully) feel rested and refreshed to take on a new week. I hope you all have a great one - what are your plans?! 

I took this photo on my Friday afternoon run last week when I was really tired and had to force myself out the door. I (obviously) enhanced it a bit so that you can see what I saw which was the coolest deep blue pocket of sky. Glad I went, of course. Prettty cooool.

An appetizer plate prepared before Dinner at Stephi's with Rob's "Bates" crew!

The most beautiful bouquet of flowers that Molly brought me perfectly complemented the Fall accents in the background.

My favorite William Shakespeare quote that needed a frame. It's a constant source of motivation for little me!

Think about these genuine people.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo