Race for the Cure | Stacy Strong Recap

I'm having a hard time figuring out where to begin with this blog post... wooooof. As most of you know, it's been a tumultuous week (to say the least). I'm just going to go ahead and jump over all of the ups and downs and tell you about the race and how incredible it was. Does that work? Ok? Ok good!

So for a quick recap: I started team "Stacy Strong" as soon as the Komen direct mailer landed in my mailbox. Together, with family, close friends, and friends of friends... we raised a total of $10,700 (actually the count is still climbing - somebodddyyy added another donation today). We came in 2nd place out of over 100 teams for our fundraising efforts. WOOT WOOT THANK YOU EVERYONE! YOU ROCK, YOU ROCK, YOU ROCK! We earned ourselves a very cool VIP tent (pictured below) which was, for some reason, so exciting! haha

More importantly, STACY MADE IT to the event AND walked AND crossed the finish line. My sister's will just continues to grow stronger. Man oh man. She's incredible. Seriously, I have no words because what she has been going through in addition to the difficulty of this past week... has been more than any person should have to deal with. In addition to that, my aunt Kathy D walked with her head held high and crossed that finish line! She was the very first person to show up to the event. It was extremely moving for our entire family because she was diagnosed back in 2010. We walked at this same race for her that year and she wasn't able to walk with us. She is lookin' and feelin' fine now (yay!). THEN, a neighborhood friend of my mom and sis, Janet B, was also diagnosed earlier in the year. She RAN and finished with her family. OMG. (If these women don't motivate you, I don't know what will.)

My heroes: Stacy & Kathy D!

Then, they had the survivor parade which was one of the most emotional moments I have ever experienced. But, really beautiful.

Then, we ran and spilled water all over ourselves.....
Haha... Anyway, it was so fun.... but HOT. 85 degrees hot. Here I am with my cousin, Jenn.

My favs. (just missing Janet)


My awesome fam bam.


And Jonathan, of course!

And here's the ENTIRE STACY STRONG POSSE. I think I count 74 here. That is how much strength and support is behind my sister and this doesn't even include all of the friends and family who live far away or couldn't make it. So moving. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you're interested in supporting Komen Mass at another event, I'll be the blogger host leading the 3mi fun run at the New Balance Girls' Night Out event next week on 10/8. Info HERE (via boston.com).

Have a GREAT week. xo