Halloween Tricks for Treats brought to you by BSC!

Halloween is officially over... how's the candy eating going? Are you ready for THAT to be over, too? Having Halloween favorites in the house can be really hard to turn down (reese's, kitkat, hello??). A true test of willpower! BUT, Boston Sports Clubs came up with a workout routine to make you feel a little better if you indulged! And, if you didn't indulge - kudos to you! This workout is FUN anyway! I've included descriptions and some photos below. The point is... it's all about moderation. If you have a little candy, don't beat yourself up. Make healthy choices and get a little extra cardio in today. :)

Pumpkin Patch Push-ups with Side Plank - Get into pushup position on knees or toes.  Do a pushup and as you come up, rotate to the right into a side plank, taking left arm up to the ceiling (keep knee down on the floor for balance; stack feet for advanced).  Come back into pushup position and do another pushup followed by a side plank to the left side.  Continue alternating pushups and side planks for all reps, modifying when needed. Do 3 sets, 10 each side.

Jack-o-Lantern Jumps - Start standing with feet about 6 inches apart. Bend knees and sit down to a 90 degree angle, keeping your back straight. With a power jump, leap up as high as you can, landing a giant step to the front. Repeat to the sides and back. Try for 3 sets of 24.

Spider Squats β€“ Holding a plastic pumpkin filled with candy, perform a squat. Place your feet shoulder width apart, abs pulled in. Squat down slowly as you sit back on your heels keeping good posture with chest up, shoulders back, and chin level. Lower as far as you can, keeping knees behind the toes and not going below 90 degrees. Tip: place a chair behind you and act like you're about to sit down, pulling up before actually sitting. Do 3 sets for 15.

Tricky Tricep Kickbacks - This is a tough one!  Stand on right leg, taking the left leg straight out behind you so both leg and torso are parallel the floor.  Bring the right elbow up next to your torso while holding a weight and, maintaining your balance, extend the elbow until the arm is straight by contracting the triceps.  Maintain this position for all kickbacks and then switch sides. Try for 3 sets, 12 each arm.

Creepy Crunches - Lie on your back with hands placed gently behind your head. Put feet about 2 feet apart, flat on the floor, with knees bent. To start the exercise, lift your shoulder blades off the ground, meeting your rising knees to some up to a 90 degree angle. Lower both the feet and the head back to the ground. Try for 3 sets of 20.

Monster Climbers - Start with hands on the floor, shoulder width apart, legs straight on toes. Using a thrusting motion, bring right knee into the chest, tap toe on floor. As the right foot goes back to starting position, bring the left knee in. Be sure to have a slight bend in the elbow and keep your abs tight. Continue for three sets of 20.

Happy Weekend! How are you getting in a workout this weekend?! Hope it's fun!