Friday Favs_9.5.14

Hey, where did August go?

No seriously? Pretty sure I snapped my fingers on 7/31 and woke up on 9/4 wondering where in the world August went. Anyway, it was quite the month! Filled with birthday parties, travel, fun in the sun, and good times with friends and family. This weekend, I am looking forward to a little r&r right here in Southie. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Here are a few of my favs from the last week or so.

This was pretty cool. A storm came into Plymouth and we raced towards the sun on my dad's boat. The view behind us was unreal.

Sunset at Duxbury with a leftover spikeball net from the day's games.

Probably, no, definitely the best gluten-free pizza I've ever had from Wicked at Legacy. I shared it with Jessica from Gluten Free Boston Girl.

So much basil that made so much pesto.

Yeah! Sprinkle that shit everywhere! xo