Things I'm pumped about today.

As I was making dinner tonight, I was thinking about my day (typical). There were some frustrations and also some little things (and a couple big things) that made me super pumped. It prompted me to write this blog post because I think often times, we can focus on frustrations at work or other annoying things that are going on in our day (traffic).  But, if you look at back your day... there's probably some little things that shed a little (or a lot) of light. Focus on THAT. Big picture, Big picture!

Anyway, here are my things!

1. I woke up on a happiness high after last night's NBGNO event at the Westin. Co-hosting with Caroline and socializing/working out with a bunch of amazing women, was so much fun! More to come on that!

2. The weather was way warmer than expected and I didn't need my big jacket that I brought in! (Little thing)

3. My sister, Stacy, texted us with some really good news! (Big thing)

4. Jawbone told me that I take an average of 7,364 steps a day more than the average Jawbone UPster. Whoo! Love this because it's an effect of my newish job. I definitely didn't take this many steps at my old job. (Medium thing)

5. I felt really strong during class at PWG tonight. (little thing)

6. When I got home, I realized that I didn't have many veggies so I checked the brown bag of green tomatoes that I had picked before the last frost to see if any were ripe and, alas... there were some ripe ones! Yay! (little thing)

7. My friend Maddy texted me a few weeks ago to try the simplest.dressing.ever. Ready for this?: TAHINI+VINEGAR=HAPPINESS.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What were your brightest moments of the day?! Let me know in the comments below. xo