Bacon, Sausage, & some other stuff

I've had a pretty successful evening if I do say so myself.  First, since pretty much my entire body is sore from a couple of tough workouts in a row... I just went on a little 5k around castle island. The sky was GORGEOUS tonight. Also, the ocean was super choppy outside of the island, but, the bay was flat calm. Pretty cool. Yes, I'm obsessed with the ocean. 

Not kidding this was 5 minutes later taken from the beach side. No filter on any of the above!

Then, I got home and made some bacon. Nitrate-free, of course.

Then, I threw a chicken-spinach-feta sausage (took off the casing) on the grill pan with the bacon for a few minutes and put it on a bed of spinach.

Diced up organic locally grown tomatoes and avocado and added crumbled feta. Then, I topped it with dressing that I made from pesto. So basically, I made pesto the other day from the basil in my garden and tonight I added a bit of extra virgin o/o and lemon juice to it to thin it out. Then, I topped it on the salad. Then this happened:

OMG best salad ever. Ever. Eat it up. Put it in a wrap (I put some of it in a wrap). It's just so good!

Ok, another thing I wanted to mention in the blog tonight is the ALS #icebucketchallenge. I'm pretty sure most people I know that have participated in the challenge ALSO donated. I have a good amount of friends that are either friends or are acquainted with Pete Frates so I know that ALS fundraising is near and dear to their hearts. For those that are a little confused about all the ice dumping... here's the low down: Either dump ice on your head or make a donation to ALS fundraising at or  A lot of people that dump the ice, also make a donation. I was sure to make a donation last night after my #icebucketchallenge. That being said, if you are unable to make a donation - dumping ice on your head is still creating AWARENESS. I shared this article on the blog last week, but, I'm sharing it again because man, it's such a shame that there hasn't been much research on the disease. This whole #icebucketchallenge thing is helping. To read Pete Frates story: click here.

Now go make that salad and have a GREAT week! xo