#12DaysofFFF Day 4

Hiii everyone! It's December 8th... How is that possible? WHERE does the time go? Can we just press pause? Ok great.

Moving on, Days 1-3 of #12DaysofFFF serve as the foundation for a happy and healthy holiday season. As a refresher; Day 1 was #MOVEMORE, DAY 2 #BALANCEDEATING, and DAY 3 #MAKETIMEFOREXERCISEDay 4 can be incorporated into Day 1 AND Day 3... BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES! I love body weight exercises due to many reasons.

1) They can be done anywhere, all you need is a 6'x6' space (approximately)
3) They increase strength (which, BTW, is super necessary this time of year - carrying presents, boxes etc)
4) They will make you look toned.
5) They increase your calorie burn AT REST.

I can't stress the importance of weight lifting and body weight work. Sure, cardio will burn some calories while you're exercising. BUT, weights increase your metabolic rate (the rate in which you burn calories) for HOURSSSS after you work out. Also, you know those people with fab arms, tight abs, toned legs, and round bums? They don't just do cardio. They squat, push, pull, and jump. (well, most of them)

The above list of body weight exercises can be done together or serve as ideas to add to your day, depending on time. All of these exercises can be done in your living room. Do 15-20 each for 2-4 sets depending on your fitness level.

If you don't recognize some of these exercises - please see links below:
- Supermans (love these - GREAT GREAT GREAT for your core, booty, and hamstrings)
-Criss-Cross crunches
Lastly, remember when squatting or lunging - your leg should be at a 90 degree angle and never let your knees push forward ahead of your toes - got it?

Ok, have a happy and healthy week!


(As always, consult with your doctor if you are starting an exercise program.)