Weekly Workouts V

So, last week I changed things up a bit. My neck still isn't 100% so I took most of Labor Day weekend off. Then, once I was back to workouts - I made sure to take full days off in between days, to recover. So far it's working. Fingers crossed - my neck is feeling OK. Not 100%, but, pretty good considering. The thing with the PWG workouts is that since they are so intense - it's actually 100% ok to take more recovery days. I think the problem with taking these days... for me... is that working out mentally helps me organize my thoughts, clear my head, and you know - release those endorphins. So I struggle with that, but, I know it's for the better when I'm physically injured.

So here's how it went!

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Fighter Conditioning at PWG (Chris' Class)

Wednesday: Fighter Conditioning at PWG (James' Class)

Thursday: Off

Friday: The workout I posted on Saturday - 10-6 body weight work in a half hour or so-- CLICK HERE

Saturday: Fighter Conditioning at PWG (Derek's Class)

Sunday: Off

Question of the week: What is your favorite way to work out?

Have a great one! xo