Weekend Sunshine XXVI

Good day, friends! Guess what? Less than one week until Daylight Savings - whoo hoo! This weekend was filled with relaxation and food. It was excellent! On Saturday, I mentioned that I would be embracing the current pattern of low-key-weekends and I sure did that this weekend. It was so nice to sit back, reflect, and enjoy a little quiet. Here are the sunniest moments!

I had Friday off so I started the weekend at lunch with Jenn & Kerri. (It's a miracle we were able to pull this off - this lunch has been planned for about 2 months)

Jenn & Kerri have been telling me about The Farmer's Daughter for at least a year now - saying that I would love it. They know me so well - it was delicious! The food was incredibly fresh, the service was perfect, and the atmosphere was warm and sunny!

All three of us started with this butternut squash soup which was innnncredible. Our meals were superb. Most importantly, it was just so nice to catch up with these two. I love our cousins dinners and we were long overdue!

On Friday night, we had lemony shrimp scampi (that I think I'll put up a separate post about - it was good!). Then, Rob hit the books and I poured myself a nice glass of Underwood Pinot. I made it through the month with my 5 passes, but, I decided to give it up for the final weekend. I accomplished what I set out to do and this weekend was all about relaxation so I decided to give in for red wine and a movie. Isn't it funny? The thing I missed most was simply a glass of red while making dinner not the late nights out. I think that's a good thing! Right?

As I mentioned in the "Snow Terrain" post, I met up with Michelle for another LONG OVERDUE lunch at Rustic Kitchen. Michelle and I had about 4 million things that we needed to talk about so clearly we stayed for 2+ hours. It was perfect. 

I went to PWG earlier that day and had an awesome, sweaty, red-faced workout, but, after all that sitting at lunch - I thought it would be good to get a little walk in. It turned into a beautiful 3 mile snowy walk and then I didn't feel so guilty about sitting on my couch for the rest of the night :)

Sunday, I didn't take any pictures, but, I went into work for a bit and then met up with my family and ending up having an impromptu lunch at Steel & Rye. It was really nice to see my family - it's been weeks. These snowstorms have kept me from going anywhere but work for over a month. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a bit of the bright sunshine on Saturday. Keep your head up - Spring is just around the corner. Have an awesome week! xo