Chicken Sausage Zoodles

Morning friends! Today I'm kicking off my 6-day staycation and I'm pretty excited about it. After the rain subsides, I'm heading down to Kingston to do a little shopping with my mom. I'll probably get in a workout although sometimes Wednesday is a rest day so I'll probably just do something light. Plus, my hamstring is acting up again (oye) so I should probably rest it. Old injuries are so annoying. 

Moving on, I wanted to share this quick recipe with you all because it was mighty tasty and super easy to throw together. Last night, I tried to make it home early enough to go to the 5:30 PWG class but JUST MISSED IT so I decided to prep dinner instead and then head to the 6:30. 

I'm so glad I prepped everything because it made it REALLY EASY to throw together as soon as I got home from the gym. This meal was inspired by a zoodle dish that I saw on Inspiralized's instgram account last week.

Prep: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 11 Minutes

- 3 Chicken Sausages (I used spinach & feta)
- 1 Bell pepper (red or yellow)
- Handful of basil and parsley (I snipped this from my garden)
- Juice of 1/2 Lemon
- Couple tbs of feta
- 1 pad of grass fed butter
- EVOO (as needed - couple tbs probably)
- White wine
- Salt/Pepper to taste

STEP 1: Zoodle the noodles, chop the pepper, parsley, basil, and set aside.
STEP 2: While the sausages are on the grill (8-10 minutes). Saute the peppers, half of the parsley/basil bunch, lemon juice, butter, evoo.
STEP 3: After a few minutes of sautéing, add white wine to deglaze the pan and make a bit of a sauce.
STEP 4: When the sausages have about two minutes left on the grill - add the zoodles to the pan and mix around... adding the salt and crushed red pepper as needed. 

STEP 5: Cut the sausage into pieces and add to pan along with the rest of the parsley/basil and feta and toss. (doesn't that look great!)

STEP 6: Plate and serve! 

Yum! This meal is great for workout recovery! Tons of potassium from the zoodles, vitamin C (immune protection) from the peppers (and from the zoodles), and protein from the chicken sausage.

Hope you're all having a great week! xo