Talking about "Gymtimidation"

Hey friends! I hope you are all having a great week. For my local friends, we're about an hour from kick-off... who's excited?!! Let's go PATS!

I am checking in quickly today because I want to provide you with both; a new workout and a little encouragement for any "gymtimidation" that you may experience. It's been a long while since I've experienced any serious intimidation in the gym. For goodness sake, I taught group exercise for years so it was like a 2nd home to me. That being said, I still sometimes find myself hesitating to do something or use certain equipment based on what room it might be in or if I'm a little unsure with how to set it up.

The room you see pictured here is located upstairs at my gym, next to the weight room. While I've used the weight room numerous times, I had never stepped foot in this room because I assumed only the real boxers were allowed to use it. I also thought that even if I was "allowed" to use it, I didn't want to get in anyone's way. Well, that all changed a couple of weeks ago during my staycation when our instructor brought us all into this room and we used it like our own little playground... it was awesome.

Fast forward to this week... I have 4 puncture wounds in my foot. (Long story short, I stepped on two giant utility staples and it's still a little tender - lol). Anyway, I realized this room would be PERFECT to work out in because the floor is padded and I'd still be able to get some cardio in with the ropes and heavy medicine balls. 

My point? Being able to use this room this week made me SO HAPPY. I got a couple of GREAT workouts in and was able to save my little foot. So the next time you feel a little hesitation, just remember that everyone has been there at least once and for the most part... people will help you if you're unsure. And if all else fails, just channel your inner Ron Burgundy and be confident. Got it?

Now, let's talk about that workout:
- Battle ropes (for each set alternate waves (30) and alternating-waves (50))
- 14 lb medicine ball slams (really get into a solid squat here as you slam it down)
- 50 roman twists with 8-10lb medicine ball
- 20 sit-ups on stability ball.
(repeat 6 times)
To see this workout in high speed... head over to my instagram.

I supplemented this with a lift in the weight room:
- 50lb goblet squats
- 55lb bench
- Push-ups on the stabilizer
- 10lb flys
- 10lb rows
(5 reps, 4 sets)

That's all for now, my friends. Time to get the snacks together for the game! Have a great night! xo

Do you still experience "gymtimidation"?
Have you ever used ropes?
Are you watching the Pats game?!!?