Insta-Spiration IV

Hola and Happy Thursday! It's time for the 4th edition of "Insta-Spiration". I've got some really good picks for you tonight. What I KNOW about storms: People lovvveee to cook. I'm pretty pumped to share some images from a couple of my friends tonight, not just bloggers. My friends are pretty awesome and they cook/bake some super delish things so I'm excited to share their skillz. 

For those not in the Boston area who are wondering how we are "dealing" with all this snow, I'll try to explain. Honestly, everyone is TRYING to be positive. We are making the best of it, but, when we look ahead to the forecast and see another blizzard and another storm week after week after week... it feels... claustrophobic. Here's the best way I can describe it... you know that moment when you realize that you don't like someone, you know it's not their fault that they rub you the wrong way, but, you know you'll never, ever truly be able to stand them for an extended period of time? You can take them in little bursts and they can even be enjoyable on some rare occasions. But then, they keep showing up and putting their dramatic mess in your life and you can't get away from it because it's someone you HAVE to see? And you keep thinking... geez when is this person going to take a hint and go the eff away? It feels like that. Smothered, claustrophobic, suffocating. That's how these storms feel. *Please note: I currently adore the people in my life so this storm is my only bad frenemy.

OK! Moooooving onnn, as promised, I have some great instas for you tonight so enjoy and again HAPPY THURSDAY!



Everything about this blend screams summer and happiness and detox and tasty! I had some watermelon for lunch today and I'll likely eat it daily until I get sick of it. (Is it possible to get sick of watermelon? I doubt it)





This made me LOL when CAROLINE posted this the other morning. So cute, funny, and motivational all at the same time!





I can attest that this is the BEST healthier dessert I've ever made. They are so easy to make and even everyone at work liked them - win!





Yes, please and thank you, TINA! Eat and train.





Liz is a friend of mine who always a) makes amazing food that I want to eat off my phone and 2) takes great photographs of said food. She doesn't blog, but, I often confuse her photos with my blogger friend's  photos. This looks so delish and healthy and comforting all at the same time!





Becca is one of my bffs and she has been owning the kitchen during the storms lately. This pound cake spoke to me. I remember the day I fell in love with lemon poppy seed... When I was little... Shaw's in Middleboro used to sample muffins from their bakery section. My mom would always let me grab one. One day, I shyly (yes i was super shy - shocking, I know) went to grab what I hoped would be blueberry and there was only lemon-poppy seed. My mom told me to try it anyway and that's when I fell in love.  She even let me grab another one because I was so excited about my new 2nd favorite flavor of muffin! Delish!





This looks like the quinoa taco bowls I made a couple weeks ago and I'd like one again.





Those yolks, right? Perfect!!





If you don't know, now you know!





This. A fiery heart and a wicked brain. Ok?



Oh and this isn't an instagram post - this is my "oh hayyy it's snowing again - face".

Question: Who owns your favorite instagram accounts? I would love to know and check them out! 

Have a great night! xo