Saturday Reading

Note: I wrote most of this post yesterday and never finished or published it. Sooo it's technically "Sunday Reading". Hope you're all getting outside today - it's SO nice out!

I was dreaming about vacation last night so I feel as though this picture is fitting to kick off the weekend. Plus, the forecast for the next few days makes me grin from ear to ear. I'm about to head to the gym and then get ready for a chili cook-off tonight so let' get to it. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

I love Kathryn Budig and this article is so on point. So good.

I agree with this list.

For those of you running the marathon. Here are some good tips (plus, I love these two bloggers!)

This summery beverage looks deeelish.

Looks like something I've made, but, I like the baked shrimp component.

How am I just hearing about Fenway Farms??

Did you hear about this almond-water-sucking thing in CA? 

I can 100% relate to this. 100%.

I read (and studied) the Blue Zones book at least 5 years ago. The Today Show featured it this week. I highly recommend the book. (HINT: Things that make you live long: antioxidants, eating plants, close family relationships, daily movement.)


Now - I'm off to enjoy SUNDAY! Have a great one! xo