NBGNO Shake it up!

Hayyyy everyone! How's the week going?! Hope it's great! 
As most of you know by now, my love for New Balance and their #NBGNO (New Balance Girls Night Out) events runs deep. I started working with New Balance almost two years ago and went to one of the first events last summer hosted by Rachel from "Healthy Chicks", recap here. Then, I was honored to host two of the NBGNO events last fall, once with Dr. Brastianos and once with CAROLINE!. Recaps here and here. Last week, I went to the event with my best friend, Kim. The theme was "Shake it UP" and the main focus was on shaking our workout routines. 

The event was hosted by the below fabulous and fierce ladies. Aly Raymer from B/Spoke and Stephanie Rondeau from I Train therefore I Eat.

These ladies killed it up there. Stephanie focused on changing up our workout routines. She loves to lift and talked about how she was asked to do a race - she did it and loved it! So the point? Run all the time? Give lifting a shot. Addicted to spin? Try yoga every once in a while. Aly suggested that as Bostonians, we should be taking a tropical trip in January every year - I thoroughly agree. No more winter blues!

Per usual, we were split into two groups. Aly lead spin on the Common - man that looked fun! Kim and I arrived too late to get into the class so we went with the run group for a very hilly 4 mile run through Beacon Hill. It was awesome and we were really able to catch up so I'm glad we ran :)

Nothing like running along the Charles!

A little post-run sweaty selfie action.

Once we all got back, it was time for healthy apps and drinks. New Balance always does such a great job with the sustenance!