Weekend Sunshine XXXII

Hi everyone! WOW - what a weekend! I had mentioned to you all that we had been laying low recently because things were going to pick up quite a bit and boy did they! This weekend was filled with a lot of fun, family activities and it was a whirlwind, but, a GREAT time! Here's how it all went down!

On Thursday night, Kim and I went to NBGNO. It was a beautiful weather night and it was so, so nice to catch up with her. More on this later in the week - it was A GREAT time!

Rob graduated from the MBA program at Northeastern University on Friday night. Words can't describe how proud I am! He finished in 2.5 years while working full time. I honestly don't know how he did it, but, he did - and with flying colors! After graduation, we went to our spot - Stephis in Southie - and had a deeeelish dinner with his family.

On Saturday, I squeezed in a quick 3.2 miler before heading down to Kingston to watch Ella in her ice skating recital followed by dinner at Rob's parent's for his mom's bday!

Ella is in blue - second from left. :)

On Sunday, back to Kingston! I took over my mom's kitchen and made appetizers and dinner for Mother's Day. I am guest posting on Monique's blog in a couple weeks where I share more about what I made in addition to some healthy entertaining tips.

I got home late last night so I'm not even packed yet - packed for what? VACATION!!! Rob and I are going on vacation this week so it's time for me to get movin'! I hope you all have an awesome week!!! xo