Bits & Bites #8

Hello and happy, happy Wednesday to you!
Hmm... it has been a long while since I wrote a "Bits & Bites" update. Perhaps because in the summer I stick to the two main food groups: leftovers made into tacos and zoodles. I kid, I kid... sometimes I still switch it up ;). Here's a glimpse into my little food world.

Dinner: Lettuce from my garden with roasted potatoes and some sort of protein.

Dinner: (This was so good, I need to remember to make this)... Chopped kale salad with homemade dressing and two fried egg tacos on organic corn tortillas.

Dinner: Ground organic turkey tacos with all the health fixins! (notice no cheese or sour cream)

Lunch: On one of the 90+ degree days, I was so hot that the only thing I craved was a smoothie (I usually NEVER drink my meals) so I got one at my fav, b.good.

Weekend breakfast: half of a Stone & Kettle whole wheat english muffin with a fried egg and slices strawberries/peaches. (YUM)

Breakfast: If you follow me on Insta, you already know I'm currently obsessed with acai bowls.

Lunch: Leftover ground organic taco chicken over a bed of garden lettuce and a side of skinny pop.

Random dinner: Lettuce from my garden, grilled buffalo chicken, and leftover protein-plus pasta salad.

Day off lunch: LOBSTA ROLL.

Dinner: Grilled burgundy steak tips and pesto pasta. The pesto was made from the basil in my garden and the steak tips are from K & 8th in Southie. This was a tasty Friday night din even though it doesn't look like anything special.

Lunch: Lately, I've been loving the caesar salad from b.good!

Dinner: Celebratory tacos with with organic ground pork!

It's kind of fun/interesting to go back and look at old "bits & bites" posts. I am definitely rather habitual when it comes to eating... I have been since I was little. Phases can last a couple weeks, months, or years. Ex: I ate a version of the same lunch for 2-3 years straight. Now, I mix up lunch daily. That being said, I currently have an affinity for acia bowls, tacos, and fried eggs. Can anyone else relate to this? I swear it's a seasonal thing. 

Anyway, as always I hope these posts give you a glimpse into my 80/20 world. 80 percent of my food choices are very healthy, 20% of the time, it's not so perfect. This is simply what works for me to keep me on track!

Questions for you!
What are you go-to foods/meals?
Do you follow an 80/20 diet/lifestyle?

Have a great week!