Weekend Sunshine XIX

Flashback! I haven't written a "Weekend Sunshine" post in a very long time... just about a year to be exact. That being said, since Friday Favs didn't happen this week, I thought I'd resurrect a little "Weekend Sunshine" to make up for it. Plus, this series was started in the cold and dark days of winter to bring a little 'sunshine' to the blogosphere, so it just seemed fitting.

This weekend, 11 of us went up to Loon Mountain for the weekend. It was fun! The addition of the INSANE Pats game, definitely made it even sweeter. Weekend getaways make the winter soooo much more fun and a lot more bearable, am I right?! We mostly ate, drank, laughed, and of course, had moments of close panic-attacks from 4:30pm-8pm on Saturday night. (side note: once again I was kind of terrible at taking pictures... ugh... but I was able to capture a few)

This was our awesome view from our townhouse. 

On Saturday, I had an unplanned gym sesh which actually ended up being pretty great. This poster was up in the gym... straight out of the 1980's (just like the equipment). It was hilarious and awesome. 
If you're wondering why we weren't skiing... well - only our two elites went skiing. Everyone else stayed behind mainly due to the early Pats game. I brought all of my stuff and intended on going if someone would join me since I haven't been skiing in 4 years and I'm not exactly the best skiier in the world. The boys decided the pool was a better idea so Shannon and I decided to squeeze in a quick workout and meet the boys to play basketball in the pool (insert laughter) I'm soooooo good at basketball, especially in the pool. All 5foot1andahalf of me. The Pool was 5 ft deep. Go ahead and picture how that worked out. Hahaha

My workout consisted of dead lifts, cleans, weighted squats, plyo squats, bench press, back flies, plyo hamstring curls, and some cardio (squat thrusts, burpees, bear crawls, etc). Oh, all of this was completed after I wolfed down an amazing cronut that Rob picked up for me... (errrr, all of us) while the boys were out getting everyone coffees (best bf eva).

Calm smiles before the Pats game.

Loud table dancing celebration post one of the most stressful games ever.


That's a wrap, my friends. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Go Pats!