15 Minute Meals: Buffalo Chickpea Roll-Ups

Happy Friday! No Friday Favs today but, I have a recipe. That cool? I'm back with another edition of "15 Minute Meals". What I like about this one in particular is it's perfect for when there's nothing in the kitchen besides a can of chickpeas and some veggies. Also, this one will make my vegetarian friends happy! 

First, rinse a can of chickpeas, throw them on a sheet pan with evoo and salt and put in a 425 degree oven for 15 minutes (you could cook them longer for crispier chickpeas). While they cook - chop veggies. Last week, I went with red pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, and iceberg lettuce.

Toss a couple of corn tortillas on the stove to heat them up. If you want a little cheese... add it right on top to get it melty. We had some extra sharp pepperjack lying around from the weekend. It just made sense to add it, amiright? 

Toss the toasted chickpeas in buffalo sauce. Then, mix all of the ingredients togther (and some feta) and place on the heated tortillas. A convenient tip: use iceberg lettuce and cut into cups so that all of the ingreients stay together. Or, you could simply do lettuce wraps instead of roll-ups. My recipes are flexible, you know?

That's about it! Easy, tasty, and healthy. Have THE BEST weekend! xo