Friday Favs

Goooood morning and Happy Friday! Friday Favs is back this week! This doesn't mean that "Weekend Sunshine" is going away, it just means I've been better about taking photos (finally). You can thank the improvement in the weather for that one. Anyway, I have a fun little weekend ahead of me and I'm looking forward to a nice balance of relaxation and good times... just the way I like it. Hope you all have a great one. Here are my favs of the week!

Years and years ago, my mom cut off a piece of my Nana's Christmas Cactus for me to take care of. I've only ever had 1 or 2 blooms at a time so I've been WAITING for the day that it would look like it did at my Nana's or the one my mom currently has at her house. Finally, it does and I've enjoyed looking at this for a solid two weeks now. I think it's my Nana's way of bringing a little sunshine to the gnarliest winter ever. Thanks, Nan!

Daffodils and Tulips to spread a little cheer to my neighbors.

The perfect date night with Rebecca and Rachael last night.

Haha, it wasn't until I just blew up this picture that I noticed the tears streaming down my face - LOL. It was SOOO SOOO WINDY this morning that as I started to run down Castle Island into the beautiful sunrise, I had to immediately turn around because the wind gusts were so strong and causing my eyes to water LIKE CRAY! I'm perfectly happy in this picture, for the record.

Is this not everything?! EVERYTHING! Gah!

Have a great weekend! xo