Weekend Sunshine XXVIII

How is it Monday already? It's practically Tuesday! Time really does fly. That being said... can we all agree that this is, by far, the best Monday we've had in a while? (well, if you live in the northeast) 70 degrees, opening day, Tom Brady throwing the first pitch, Pete Frates signing a one-day contract with the Red Sox, Spring outfits, Red Sox win? HELL YES. So much goodness happening all around. Also, if you haven't seen it yet -- the Mayor has declared Wednesday "One Boston Day".  A day to draw neighbors together and display humanity, give back, reach out, remember and reflect. Do you know what you will do on Wednesday to honor this day? I am putting together a one mile walk at Legacy and asking guests to bring a canned good for our local food pantry. Personally, I'm not sure yet -- some random act of kindness. I just love this idea that our Mayor has made into an official day. We need to see more kindness and humanity in this world. Boston will make it happen.

Whew. I didn't see all that coming so let's get moving onto the sunniest parts of the weekend. What were yours? Here's a glimpse into mine :)

Sometimes, all you need is a bowl of real pasta with sauce and a nice glass of Zinfandel. This was the perfect Friday night meal after a long week. (*Note: you may have noticed that I was dabling in the gluten-free world for a month or so... I was just dabbling... trying to figure out some stuff with my body, BUT, good news is I'm 100% certain I am not gluten intolerant. Whoo! More on this another time)

On Saturday, the SUN came out, I went to the gym, basked in the glorious sunlight, made a light lunch of avocado toast, and started the chili prep with Rob. Gah! Words cannot describe how happy the sun made me (and the rest of New England). Ecstatic!

B T Dubs... this was amazing. (Sour bread toast, smashed avo/parm/crushed red, HB egg, siracha.

Then, it was time to make the chili for our "Chili Cook-Off" on Saturday night.

Janet hosted and had the BEST details! There were four chilis: "Short Rib Chili", "There's beer in it Chili", "Tropical Explosion Chili", and "Meat Lovers Meaty Spicy Chili". We went on the roof deck for a couple hot minutes and then headed back to the kitchen to dive head first into all the chili, Janet's homemade cornbead, and snacks!

It was a close match-up, but, Rachael's classic chili with beer in it... WON! It was so good!

On Sunday, I went for a wonderfully warm run and took in all the sights. Guys, I took a picture of this thinking that I would read it later. I JUST read it. Do you see what it says??? "One step closer" "Spread kindness" "Have a Happy Day" "Live at the Sea" "If you can dream it, you can do it". Whoever did this...wow... awesome... thank you for spreading so much love to Boston in Southie!

Line so long at Sullys <3.

After my run, I walked down the beach... took a couple selfies... laid in the sand and then went back to my house. I grabbed a chair and a book, went back to the beach and stayed there for 3 hours. #lovesthesunandthebeach