Weekend Sunshine XXVIII

Hey guys - Happy Monday! You made it! This weekend was spent catching up with friends and LOTS of family. The snowstorms have kept Rob and I away from both of our families for weeks so we made the rounds this weekend and it was REALLY nice to see everyone and spend some quality time together. Rob's sister and brother-in-law had us over for dinner on Saturday night (which was so fun, relaxing, and delicious). On Sunday, we started at my sister's house, then had lunch with my parents, then we wrapped up the day at Rob's parent's house. We planned the day out that way and couldn't believe that it worked and and that we timed it so perfectly. Hopefully, Mother Nature will keep her calm and we can get back to a normal schedule. Anyway, I hope you all had great weekends, as well! Did you do anything fun? St. Paddy's day celebrations? Did you come to Southie while we left Southie? Would love to know! ha!


We kicked off Thursday night at our neighborhood favorite, Stephis in Southie. The Ponzi Pinot Noir that is picture here was DELICIOUS!

On Friday night, I had Janet and Rebecca over for a very casual gab-sesh. I picked up a couple of tasty cheeses and paired them with my favorite accompaniments (fig jam, cornichons, castelvetrano olives, etc). The 30 year-aged gouda and extra sharp cheddar were deeeeelightful. For dinner, I made a big salad and picked up a couple quiches from Whole Foods. 


I kicked off Saturday my favorite way - at PWG! Here's my obligatory Makeup-Free-Saturday-Sweaty-Selfie.

Knowing that we'd have a nice dinner later, I put together tuna with leftover cornichons and siracha on a rice cake. For a side, simple tomato/feta/avo/basil. It worked out nicely. So delish.

A day on the South Shore visiting family wouldn't be complete without Marylous! mmmmmmmm

And a glass of chardonnay at East Bay!

Have a great week - make it awesome! xo