NBGNO - Heat things up!

Hey everyone and happy hump day! I hope you are all having a great week so far! 

So, unless you're new to fun fit flavor, you know that I love New Balance and their NBGNO events. Last Thursday, I attended my FIFTH NBGNO event. For those that aren't already aware of the program, check out these posts:
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This time, we were "Heating Things Up for Summer" with Host Rachel from Healthy Chicks and New Balance Fitness Ambassador, Sarah Kusch.

Rachel kicked off the festivities with an introduction to the night and a discussion about the theme. She talked about body confidence and particularly, body confidence in a bikini. She emphasized focusing on being healthy and strong rather than nitpicking every little thing about our bodies. (Hell yes, right?!)

Sarah was incredible leading us in the "Buns & Guns" class in the park. She has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to fitness and really emphasized that the formula really is HEALTHY EATING & EXERCISE. Yes, that's the formula, folks. Hard work!

Sarah lead us through a series of glute blasters including squat jumps, lunges, squats with pulsing, high knees, plie squats, etc. (lots of versions of squats!) It was hot, humid, and intense and I LOVED it! (Those are my high knees right there on the left haha)

There was planking and push-ups, and sit-ups and...

a DJ rocking it in support of us throughout the entire workout!

Side planks fah dayz.

Oh hey NB kicks!

After the workout, we headed back to the store for treats, juices, and cocktails!

There were glitter tattoos, chia bar giveaways, and lots of catching up with the group!

I finally got to spend some time with Steph from I train therefore I eat. She hosted the last event and we've been "Insta-friends" for a while but we've never connected in real life. She's awesome and has a very realistic outlook on health and fitness. I highly recommend checking out her blog!

Janet joined me again for this event. We always have fun on our fit dates!

And finally, the swag! New Balance always gives away the best little swag bags at the end of NBGNO. This one included a filtered water bottle. I've been using it since Friday - Love it!

That about wraps it up! Can't wait for the next event - hopefully in July. I will keep you all posted. Have AN AWESOME rest of your week! xo