Weekend Sunshine_XXIV

Hey everyone! How are you all hanging in? I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I'm going to ignore the elephant in the room today and just focus on the fun parts of the weekend! I hope those that celebrated Valentine's Day whether with their valentine, family, or a group of friends - had a marvelous time!

Here are the sunniest parts of my weekend!

We kicked off Friday night with homemade turkey burgers topped with organic cheddar and smashed avocado/lime, wrapped in romaine. For a side, I made sweet potato "fries". This meal is a winner and we will eat it again soon! PS: Notice the fancy club sodas? I'm still using my drink passes (2 left!) and decided to save one for Saturday night instead of Friday. I still like to pretend I am drinking so these club sodas hit the spot (I mean, kind of, let's be serious...).

Then, one of my Valentines (Janet) picked me up and we went to Peter Welch's for the 10am class (we didn't even plan our matching vday outfits). Then, we picked up green juices from the new Juice Bar on West Broadway "Squeeze". Mine tasted like Romaine lettuce (oof), but, Janet's was pretty good. She got "The Hulk", I got "Pineapple Hydration" so do yourself a favor and hulk it up if you go. Mine was NOT good.

I drank it though. I'll tell ya - my rice cake topped with egg and cheese with a side of my favorite fruits was mighty tasty!

Then, I came home to my other Valentine (Rob) who spoiled me with the prettiest flowers I ever did see!

Then, we decided to go to the restaurant (Riccardos in the North End) at 5pm instead of 8pm because of the elephant in the room and it was a glorious decision!  We sat at the bar for almost two hours before we sat down to a hand-picked table by the owner. Oh, and there were red balloons everywhere and I thought it was the cutest.place.ever.... I think I said "Omigod it's so cute in here" about 20 times to Rob. He's so good for not making fun of me once during that.

Then, espresso martinis.

And, semi-discreet selfies until I asked the nice bartender to take one.

Then, delish dinner and after that we met up with JohnO and Alicia for bevs. 

It was the MOST PERFECT Valentine's Day EVER!

Sunday and Monday included a lot of something that starts with "shov" and ends with "ling", but, we did eat some heart shaped pasta with aglio olio to fuel up so that was cool!

And, that about wraps it up! How did you all spend the weekend? I hope your Valentine's or Galentine's or whatever it was that you celebrated was relaxing, fun, and included a lot of laughs.

Have a GREAT WEEK! xo