Friday Favs

Good morning, happy Friday, AND HAPPY SPRING! It's officially here... yay! In celebration of Spring, I think I'll do some sandal shopping today. This weekend is jam packed with fun activities and I'm excited to get it all started. I am working on Sunday but, I have today off so I plan on doing a lot of organizing, cleaning, and a little shopping, of course! Here are my favs of the week!

Organic, ripe strawberries were on sale this week at Whole Foods. I ate this entire pint in one day.

The sunset was really beautiful on this EXTREMELY cold and windy night on Tuesday.

Desserts at Tavern Road last night. MMMM.

Still loving tulips. This is a new a bunch I picked up yesterday!

There are people going through a lot. Take a moment to appreciate what you have and who is around you.

Have a great weekend!!!!! xoxo