Things I'm Loving Lately

Hello, Hello and welcome to Wednesday night! I have no major plans tonight except for making another batch of spiralized-sweet-potato-shoe-string-faux-fries to go along with my favorite gluten-free fish sticks. Loving that spiralizer and I have another 15 minute meal recipe to bring to you later in the week that utilizes it. It's a good recipe and you will agree because it includes PROSCIUTTO. Moving on, I'm a big fan of "What I'm Loving Lately" posts that other bloggers pull together. So, ever since the purchase of the below hair dryer 2 weeks ago... I've been paying extra special attention of things I love, lately. So, here's my list!

1. HAIRDRYER. A couple of weeks ago, my hair dryer blew up. Well, where the cord attaches to the dryer piece started sparking like crazy which means it basically blew up. I feel like that was happening once a year with my old hair dryer. So, for that reason I picked up a brand new hair dryer from a different brand in a different price bracket and I'm OBSESSED. It dries my hair SO fast, I've saved at least 2 precious minutes every morning and you know that is like GOLD.

2. WHOLE FOODS SELTZER. During "Dryish-February", I started mixing up my beverages on weekend nights since I wasn't drinking alcohol. This Whole Foods Lime Italian Sparkling Mineral water is, for some reason, the best seltzer I've ever had. It's so good, especially cold. (I'm typically a room temperature water drinker)

3. BLOGLOVIN'. I've always loved bloglovin', however, I've been following a lot more blogs lately and this keeps all of my favorites organized so that I can read them throughout the day or week without skipping a beat.

4. TWO THINGS: 1) My spiralizer. 2) These colorful carrots. These are all carrots - how cool!?

5. NBxKSS. You've probably noticed that in all of my gym/workout pics on instagram, I am wearing these NBxKSS sneakers. I can tell you with 100% honesty that it's because I LOVE them. I already wore out the two pairs of fresh foams that I had and these are just the slightest bit sturdier than the fresh foams so I have a bit more support. I loved the fresh foams for boxing classes because they are so light. These are just as light. They rock. Oh, and they are so cute!

6. THIS LUNCH. This completely random and ugly lunch that I've had a few times in the last couple of weeks. Two rice cakes with jalapeno hummus, avocado, and Krave rosemary/cabernet beef jerky.

7. BLONDIES. These extraordinarily delicious PaleOMG-almond-butter-blondies. I know I've mentioned these about 100 times, but, I do have a full blown obsession.

That's all I have for tonight! I'd love to know... what are YOU loving lately? Let me know in the comment section below. xo